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sdk: flutter
firebase_core: ^0.7.0
firebase_auth: ^0.20.0+1
google_sign_in: ^4.5.9
provider: ^4.3.3

Links for required plugins

Hearing about “Provider” for the first-time? {else skip this Section}

It’s a wrapper around InheritedWidget to make them easier to use and more reusable.
By using provider instead of manually writing InheritedWidget, you get:

  • simplified allocation/disposal of resources
  • lazy-loading
  • a largely reduced boilerplate over making a new class every time
  • devtools friendly
  • a common way to consume these InheritedWidgets (See Provider.of/Consumer/Selector)
  • increased scalability for classes with a listening mechanism that grows exponentially in complexity (such as ChangeNotifier, which is O(N²) for dispatching notifications).

To read more about provider, see its documentation.

On the…

Golang has been here a long time now. Google Trends

If you’re not familiar and want to learn Go, please visit here. This gives a simple hands-on introduction about the code with adequate explanation.

Go is a statically typed language, The compiler produces optimized machine code, so CPU-intensive code is significantly more efficient than languages like Python or Ruby, which have byte-code compilers and use virtual machines for execution.

Why use Go ??

So.. what is Rasa & most important why Rasa??

Rasa is an easy to customize open source framework, which makes creating chatbots a very simple task for beginners. A full stack of bot-building tools is provided when you use Rasa. Unlike Dialogue-flow, a small understanding of any one programming language is required. When it was previously known as the Rasa Stack (when they started), there were separate libraries for Rasa NLU, the framework’s natural language understanding component, and Rasa Core, which is the dialogue engine. …

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